Meeting with a bank (related articles)

Preperation for a meeting with a bank

Banks have a structure, that is led from the top

Directed by the CEO
The CEO directs the staff through the Annual report
The Chairman also sends staff directives through the Annual Report and invites questions from Shareholders at the Annual General Meeeting (AGM), which is a public event.
Attending the AGM as part of the banks staff are all the executives and the board of directors
also attending the AGM's are the press. 

The AGM is live webcast watched by the financial industry

What does this mean for you?
It means you can see what the CEO's are directing their staff to do along the lines of customer relations, which means when you have a meeting you can hold the staff accountable to those guidelines.

Guidelines such as the following, taken from The Suncorp Annual report 2018-19

- The Board’s view is an organisation’s culture must be led ‘from the top’ by directors and management, with the Board overseeing and having ultimate responsibility for the overall governance framework. 
The Board: is committed to maintaining a governance framework and culture that are underpinned by integrity and ethical behaviour, 

We will continue to demonstrate our unique culture by doing the right thing and being there for our customers and communities when they need us most.

These dirtectives from the top give a bank victim the right to be dealt with properly by the staff.

The sort of staff you need to see are Executive Customer relations and the acting deputy CEO or someone highup like that.
You don't want to meet with these people alone, one persons mind cannot deal with the variety concepts they can throw at you.

You need a team of experienced, well studied people that do this stuff all day everyday.

You also need to be able to present your case simply and precisely and with copies of documentation that you can give them that prove your case.

Documentation you need

Loan documents (copies)
- loan application
- letter of offer
- loan contract

Fault documents

- documentation that shows what the bank did wrong


Proving misconduct
- a list of laws the bank has broken, pointed out by a lawyer or Barrister or someone that does that for a living
- spreadsheet showing the court rate interest on a property you lost from the date of the sale, this will give a value to use as a giudeline for how much you deserve in compensation.
- pictures of what you lost or a short video showing what you lost
if your house was sold then there are excellent pictures of it on th realestate web pages.
you can screen grab them and create a video with you talking, you can do that by recording your voice on your phoe and tranferring that to your computer.


1) Get familiar with the banks directives on customer relations by the CEO and executive staff
2) Documentation: get copies of your documentation ready to hand over and never see again, on usb might be acceptable
3) Forensic accounting summary: this can show results if the faults were not made and prove financial fraud
4) Short video or pictures of what you lost
5) Have a team of advocates with you
6) Seek to build relations with the staff you meet
7) Get asistance on issues from certified professionals outside the bank, 
     such as authentication of documents or proof of fraud within the bank
8) Keep in touch with them. follow up, maitain communication
9) Insist on tranperancy of negative outcomes and second meetings with advocates 
10) Dress up for the meeting, formal wear is the dress code.


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