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Carolyn Thomson - ANZ 

David Browning - ANZ

Graham Blight - Permanent Custodians / ANZ

Peter Stone - Permanent Custodians / ANZ 

Thomas Brookes - ANZ

ASK Funding

Julie Hoskin - ASK Funding 


Michael Sanderson - Bank Of Queensland


Bob Bourne - Bankwest / CBA*

Di and Max Lock - Bankwest CBA

Jim Neale Bankwest / CBA 

Lyn Kruetzer - Bankwest /CBA?

Meredith Potter - Bankwest /CBA

Nashaat Sedhom - Bankwest / CBA

Romesh Wijeyeratne - Bankwest CBA

Rory OBrien - Bankwest / CBA

Sally Witherspoon - Bankwest / CBA

Stephen Weller - Bankwest CBA

Bendigo Adelaide Bank

David Gilham. - Bendigo Adelaide Bank


Amanda Walsh - CBA

Craig Caulfield - CBA

Craig Perry - CBA

Selwyn Krepp - CBA

Suzi Burge - CBA

Tanya Hargraves - CBA

Tony Di Donato - Cominsure CBA


Angela Fairhall - Elders


Phil and Lyn - FOS CIO

LaTrobe Financial

John Kovar - Latrobe Financial

Sheril Morris - LaTrobe Financial Coastal Hinterland

Paul Herman - LaTrobe Financial


Ana Ganesh - NAB

Bill Mott - NAB

Bob Yabsley - NAB

Claire Priestley - NAB

Dennis Fahey - NAB

Faye Andrews - NAB

Lewis Tomcsanyi - NAB

Lynton Freeman - NAB

Renae Clark - NAB


Jim Davidson - Suncorp

Ron Fierebrand - Suncorp

Trio Master Trust

Colin Warne - Voicce - Trio master trust

Trio Capitol

John Telford - Voff - Trio Capitol


Colin Uebergang - Westpac

Gordon latinovich - Westpac

Michelle Matheson - Rams Westpac

Patrick Hayes - Westpac

Unknown FSP

Peter and Angela Repacholli

Sharon and Garrick Jones - Trustee in control

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